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Transportation in the EU

Pyrotechnic distributor based in the UK, but transport to Europe. All products are CE approved as classified 1.4s. All CADs are certified within Europe and recognised within the ADR. 

Transportation IN THE EU


All of our products are CE approved and classified as 1.4s meaning that no ADR licence is required for transport vehicles in Europe.

We supply a Dangerous Goods Note with all exports which ensure you and your products are keeping within the law.

All of our CADs are certified within Europe and recognised within the ADR.


If you are wanting to distribute products to end users you must ensure that the transport company is prepared to  carry pyrotechnics. We can help advise on this as we ourselves have to adhere to this process in the UK.

As a company you must apply for your individual storage licence – following your national legislation for storage of pyrotechnics.


If you have any queries regarding the transportation or storage of our products or wish to see copies of our certification please do not hesitate to contact us.