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Media / Reviews

Cloud 9 Combat customer reviews, images and video feedback


We love hearing feedback from you guys! Feel free to get in contact with us to share your reviews, pictures and videos of our products in action.

Tim Davies – Random Trashy Milsim & Airsoft Reviews

"Cloud 9 Combat smokes and pyro work every time, Reliability is key! I never have to worry that I'm going to try create some cover with smoke and it's not going to work. " 


Paul Wright – West Midlands Airsoft

We’ve been using Cloud 9 Combat pyro’s on our site for some time now and I have to say that the quality of the product still continues to impress.  To date we have never had any issues or failures with any of the pyro’s supplied and are now a must for the majority of our customers.”


Kelly Louise Hardwick - Femme Fatale Airsoft

"Cloud 9 Combat have developed a strong line of products that for me have never failed to deliver. From the flashbangs to their smokes, the products are reliable and the coverage of their smoke grenades is consistent and dense – perfect for all my Skirmish/MilSim needs.”


Matt the Musketeer – UK Blogger

“Whether I need to clear out a room or cover my advance I can rely upon Cloud 9 to get the job done.  Whether at a Milsim or a Skirmish Cloud 9 is always a reliable part of my kit.”


Lawrence Reynolds - Rebel Paintball

We have used Octavius Hunt smoke grenades for many years and have found them the longest burning with great smoke output of all the brands we have tried.

Our customers find them easy to use and spare striker is a fantastic idea, as in the heat of battle no one wants a grenade they cant ignite and launch!   

The thunder flashes are equally as reliable and have the perfect time delay on the fuse to create the bang at the right moment.