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New collaboration!

Random Trashy, the Rejected Lens, SLIKK Media and Cloud 9 Combat Collaborate! 

Scroll through to see some behind the scenes action! 

Introducing a new series of short films that’s set to take the airsoft industry by storm.

Wanting to focus on the product and test different shooting techniques this new and innovative film was shot on location at a boatyard in the South of England and filmed with drones and Steadicams.


All of our main aims were to create something to push the boundaries and open doors to new possibilities when filming with members of the Airsoft community.

Tim Davies (A.K.A Random Trashy) founder of the idea and concept of this collaborations main aim were to produce creative airsoft related content with as high a production value as possible. “I consume and see so much airsoft media daily and it all, from production value wise is pretty low. Some pictures can be great but as far as video goes I wanted such as filming with Drones and Steadicams.” 

This is only the first step and we are looking to create a much larger projects in the future.

There are plans for another short movie to come into play next year as well as the B-Reel footage for this movie being released in December.

You can find the currently released footage here:

Slikk Media

Random Trashy

The Rejected Lens

Cloud9Combat YouTube Channel