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Got a query? Take a look at our frequestly asked questions to see if we can help you


Got a query? Take a look below to see if we can answer your questions.... Not what you were looking for? Just send a quick email or give us a call!

Smoke Grenade

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery charges are dependent on weight and where they’re travelling to, if you’d like to contact us with the delivery postcode and list of product and quantities you’d like to order we’d be more than happy to organise a quote for you. To give you an idea of delivery cost, 100 smoke grenades is £9.00 carriage and 2000 smoke grenades is £65 carriage (delivery to UK mainland).

I’m only ordering a small amount, any chance you can send them in the post?

Sorry no can do. As all of our products are classed as explosives they need to be sent via a courier registered to transport pyrotechnics.

You’ll also need to sign for your delivery – and the products cannot be ‘left in a safe place’ as by law explosives need to be accounted for!

I am a player, where can I buy your smokes?

We have an array of suppliers across the UK, if you drop us a line either via email or over the phone we’ll find the nearest supplier to you.


What’s your average turnaround on orders?

If you order by 12pm we aim to have your order with you within 2 working days. Obviously we have quiet periods when we can get product out quicker, and busy periods when there may be a bit of a delay – so we always advise to order as far in advance as possible and allow plenty of time if you need product for a weekend – order on Monday! Of course we always do our best to accommodate urgent orders J


I want to get my own branding done on your smokes, why must I order 2000 units?

We cover the cost of the printing your label and in order to be cost effective must commit to printing 2000 labels. We need to know these 2000 labels will be used and not sit in our warehouse hence the MOQ.

I want to do my own label but don’t have anyone to create the artwork – can you help?

Yes we can! We can put you in contact with designers who charge reasonable prices for artwork and can help with specifications and any questions you may have.

Are your products CE classified?

Yes All Cloud 9 Combat products are safe to use in a game scenario provided safety information and instructions for use are followed as per labelling. Octavius Hunt were the first UK company to gain CE Classification for paintball and airsoft products. Our C9 Smoke Grenades, Thunderflashes and Paint Grenades are CE certified and follow EU industry regulations. All products are classified 1.4s, making shipping and storage much easier for customers.

Where can I use my pyro?

In controlled areas such as airsoft and paintball venues and organised events.