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Experts in our Field

Innovative and experienced suppliers of paintball and airsoft pyrotechnics. Experts in smoke grenades, thunderflashes and paint grenades. Based in the UK, but distribute to Europe.

Experts in our field

Cloud 9 Combat have been supplying smoke grenades, thunderflashes and paint grenades to the paintball and airsoft industries for over 10 years. We are experienced exporters of pyrotechnics and currently have customers in Europe who order regularly and are very happy with our product quality and service.

All Cloud 9 Combat products are safe to use in a game scenario provided safety information and instructions for use are followed as per labelling. Octavius Hunt were the first UK company to gain CE Classification for paintball and airsoft products. Our C9 Smoke Grenades, Thunderflashes and Paint Grenades are CE certified and follow EU industry regulations. All products are classified 1.4s, making shipping and storage much easier for customers.

With our innovative design, excellent customer service, growing product range, qualified chemists working behind the scenes and the only company on the market to include an emergency striker on our products we promise not to disappoint.

After all…….Failure is not an option!





We offer a unique own branding service for customers who want to extend their brand across all of their product range. Once artwork is supplied we co-ordinate printing and complete all labeling and packaging within our factory.

Minimum order quantities apply for own branding. Please contact us to discuss options and for more details.